Resources to Combat Racism

The Congregational Church of Belmont, along with the United Church of Christ as a whole, is committed to standing against racism and injustice in America and around the world. We realize this is a scary, confusing, and frustrating time, and many people are at a loss for what to do or how to help. We have collected a variety of resources from multiple sources, with links to places to donate, petitions to sign, media to educate yourself and others, and more and listed them below. We hope you will take advantage of these and join us in taking a stand.

*Please visit our other post listing resources to support black-owned businesses

**This list is not exhaustive and will be consistently updated. If you have found another resource you think is worth sharing, please let us know!

Please note: these links have been gathered from multiple sources, and not all of them have been vetted for accuracy. Please be safe and responsible if giving out money or information to an unfamiliar source.

Statement from the UCC Board condemning racist actions

Further reading from the UCC

Anti-racism resources from the UCC

Resources from the Black Lives Matter website

#WeAreDoneDying: a list of resources and donation links put together by the Women Sound Off organization. Found via @achicaonamission on Instagram.

A comprehensive list of national resources with tips and reading material toward the bottom. Credit for curation goes to user @botanicaldyke on Twitter. Found via @achicaonamission on Instagram.

Addressing Systematic Violence Against African Americans in Contemporary America, a webinar from Religions for Peace USA

Systemic Racism Explained – a very informative video by

“I’ve posted on Instagram. Now what?” – a infographic post with resources

Anti-Racist Lit, from @victoriaalxndr on Twitter, via Rachel Carroll on Facebook

Antiracist Allyship Starter Pack, an expansive list of resources including links to articles, books, podcasts, films, and more. Also includes petition and donation links and a list of resources to protest safely

75 Books about Extraordinary Black Mighty Girls and Women, a list from A Mighty Girl with books for children of all ages

Healing Racism Resources, a list from The Episcopal Diocese of California

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